3D Chess

This 3D Chess Board is Copper color3D Chess has many different names.  Star Trek Chess, three dimensional chess, Tridimensional Chess, or Multi-dimensional Chess.  I like calling it 3D Chess. 3D Chess was first seen on an episode of Star Trek,  where Captain Kirk and Mr Spock were playing this unique version of chess.  It has also been seen recently on the epic television sensation,  Big Bang Theory.

We have always thought that this game was very cool, visually,  but until recently did not know how much fun it could be to play.  We set about to design and create a full sized edition of 3D Chess that can use full sized 4″ Kings with fully functional attack boards.  Not only is this Chess Set an  exquisite show piece, but can actually actually be played! The version first played in Star Trek was 24″ tall,  which is the height of the set that we have designed, and which we craft by hand.  Our beautiful sets are fully functional and are a show stopper of a conversation piece.

This version of chess is a lot of fun, and quite easy to learn.  Each and every one of our 3D Chess boards are completely hand crafted in Canada.   We are thrilled with every set that we create.  We know that you will enjoy your 3D chess set for many years, and we stand by our quality workmanship.  Truly, an unique way to play chess that is very easy to learn how to play.  It is so much more fun than regular chess, and promises years of wonderful memories playing with friends and family.  You will enjoy finding new ways to build on your chess strategies while having a good laugh trying to watch chess men in so many dimensions.


In a Star Trek Original Series episode, Spock is playing;  the small attack boards which can be moved, rather than moving a chess piece, are usually depicted on top of a main board.  tumblr_mnrx72sHIF1ro820to1_500They are shown this way simply so that they don’t fall off while the photo is being taken, as 3D chess was only a theory at that point.   Our unique design addresses this issue, since to actually play 3D chess, the boards need to be able to be moved both on the top of, and underneath the main boards.  Our attack boards hold on below as well as above, as they should, and are very easy to move.  At last the game can be played as it was intended without any limitations.  Our chess set will play with a full sized 4″ king. Our 3D Chess set is full sized, in comparison to Franklin Mint’s memorabilia sized set.  Franklin Mint main boards are only 4.25 inches wide, whereas our playing area is 8 inches.  We have included a small boarder around the  main boards,  so the attack board squares are positioned directly above or below the squares of the main board.  The Franklin Mint attack boards are only 2.13 inches wide, as compared to ours,  which are 4 inches.   3D Chess is easy to learn, and a lot fun to play.

Big Bang Theory has had a few episodes showing them playing 3D Chess.  You will be surprised at how easy and fun it is to play chess in three dimensions.


Big Bang Theory plays 3D Chess




Attack Boards Fully Functional

You can see below how we use embedded magnets in the acrylic tubes of the attack boards solves the problem of going below the main board without loosening over time.  The attack boards can quickly and easily be moved about the game as intended with ease.


Base View

During our Fan Expo Exhibit, we had sure were popular with the Fans and Dinosaurs.  In the link here, we are noted as one of the coolest exhibits at the Expo.

Under Attack at Fan Expo
Under Attack at Fan Expo

Below is a Fun Video from Fax Expo.

Fax Expo